The Komondor is one of the most ancient Hungarian breed. The first Komondors came with the Hungarian tribes settling in the Carpathian basin more than a 1,000 years ago. They were the guards of the flocks of nomadic people as they can win a successful fight with wolves and bears. After the settlement of the Hungarian tribes, the duties of the Komondor slightly changed as they had to guard houses, farms, and estates. Apart from these changes, the Komondor itself never changed. The Komondor is one of the purest, genetically sound breed of dogs, because during the last millenium only the strong, brave, independent, healthy individuals survived or were bred. During those years, luckily,the comondor has never became a pet in Hungary. It still lives free, and independent is still very capable to perform its original duty; livestock guarding.

As these dogs have been doing their guard duties for centuries, it is needless to teach or instruct them. It is second nature to the Komondor to fearlessly protect anything and everybody within its territory.

The Komondor is a calm, dignified but very determined dog.
We must stress the importance of keeping the dog free and outside because only those dogs can show reliable and well-balanced attitude in their natural guarding behaviour. During the day Komondors tend to lie about a lot. They only sleep when the surroundings of their territory are safe, and usually place themselves in a spot from where they can watch the whole territory the best. While the Komondor's eyes are fully covered with white locks of fur, they can perfectly see everything and everybody going by. The Komondor can come into action at any time from any position, and that is why it's said that the Komondor is the only animal which can guard 24 hours a day.

The jolly tempered Komondor only attacks or bites when it is unavoidable. Even then the attack is calm, face to face and it is a straight, energetic knock-down of the enemy. The Komondor is more attentive and active during the night. It seldom barks but its presence keeps unexpected visitors away.
Due to its long, thick, lock-structured and self-cleaning fur, the Komondor can endure harsh conditions. The fur needs very little attention, no baths and brushing needed. The lock formation need to be helped by hand, and the breeders can easily teach the technique to anyone.

The Komondor is a great family pet and loves children, they do not excessive exersize but love the outdoors.